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Data for payments.
L'information sur les paiements.
Die Information über die Zahlungen.

Email address of recipient in the electronic payment system of PAYPAL.
L'adresse e-mail du destinataire dans le système PAYPAL.
E-Mail-Adresse des Empfängers im Zahlungssystem PAYPAL.

Now PAYPAL allow to accept payments on accounts in Russia.


Email address of the recipient in MONEYBOOKERS.
L'adresse e-mail du destinataire dans le système des paiements MONEYBOOKERS.
E-Mail-Adresse des Empfängers im Zahlungssystem MONEYBOOKERS.

This electronic payment system can be used if you are in England or other countries of Europe, but not in the United States of America where remittances from private or otherwise physical persons aside the European continent are not resolved.
Also this electronic payment system successfully provides financial interaction of Asian or other world countries with the Russian Federation, namely MONEYBOOKERS allows to carry out remittances between accounts which are registered in Asia and on territory of Russia.


Email address of the recipient in NETELLER.
L'adresse e-mail du destinataire dans le système NETELLER.
E-Mail-Adresse des Empfängers im Zahlungssystem NETELLER.

This electronic payment system approaches if there is superfluous money from online poker gaming, as the basic financial clients are game portals in the world wide web of Internet.



In the system of electronic payments WEBMONEY.
Dans le système WEBMONEY.


WEBMONEY is very difficult electronic payment system but use Kiper-Mini which is absolutely simple, namely process of registration and realization of payments is elementary.
Namely personal data are not required for opening of financial account, and special software on personal computer or adjusting of browser are not necessary for remittances.
There is a support on English language.


Or I can inform by e-mail data for a bank transfer.
Ou je peux annoncer l'information pour la transaction bancaire.
Oder ich kann die Information für die Banktransaktion mitteilen.

Or inform on other methods of payment or donation.

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